AFI flat.2 Record Flattener / Relaxer

The Audio Fidelity Improvement flat.2 is a cutting-edge multifunctional record flattener and relaxer. It flattens vinyl LPs, Maxis and Singles. Using special flat mats and high-quality control electronics the flat.2 achieves an utterly even distribution of heat and therefore results that have been out of reach until now.

Preset programs provide for very simple handling. The Standard program reliably eliminates most of the warps. In addition to that, there is an Expert program with flexible settings.

The flat.2 works very precisely and has several protective mechanisms to ensure very high product and process safety. Allocation of temperature on the surface as well as at the top and bottom is homogenous. Deviation of the target value represents less than 0,25 K.

Another distinctive feature of the flat.2 is the Relaxation program. The vinyl record is heated (and afterwards cooled) very slowly, evenly and controlled to temper the record. This thermal process of tempering is a traditional physical method and causes a considerable sound improvement in most cases.

A slim construction and first-class manufacturing out of special hard glass emphasize the elegant and timeless design.


special flat mats for even distribution of temperature on every spot of the vinyl record
homogenous heating surfaces in the interior of the machine
smart and separate control of top and bottom side
high-quality magnetic switches for safe contact and longevity
simple handling of standard programs
special program of thermal relaxation / tempering for sound improvement
high process safety due to error detection and temperature restriction mechanisms
easy-care high-class surfaces made of hard glass
made in Germany

Technical Specifications

power input: max. 90 VA
maximum temperature: 59 C (Standard program), 54-60 C (Expert program)
deviation of target temperature: less than 0,25 K
size: 400 x 55 x 500 mm
weight: 8,7 kg


HiFi-Studio Wittmann  -  Worldwide Distribution of AFI flat.2


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